Last week, The Hive Society partnered with a great collective of people to bring the social movement HashtagLunchbag to Houston.

The premise was simple: Hashtaglunchbag volunteers registered to come make sandwiches and then would take to the areas of Houston that had concentrated homeless populations and hand out these brown paper bag lunches.

The lunch bags included a turkey and cheese sandwich, a cookie from Cookie Seduction, a bag of chips, a bottle of cold water, and a positive note. It might not seem like much, but it was something.

hashtaglunchbag, hashtaglunchbaghouAs the event date grew closer and closer, I became anxious.

What if we don’t raise enough money? What if there aren’t enough volunteers? What if we don’t make a lot of sandwiches?

I am sure I’m not alone when I say that I always want my impact on the communities I serve to be great. Yes, feeding one person is good, feeding 100 is ever better.

Then the day came. August 9, 2014. We arrived at Prospect Park, who was kind enough to let us use their venue to prepare the lunches. The heat was almost unbearable and it was only 8 AM. Then again… this was slated to be the hottest day of the year.

Monica, Jade, Mel and I went over the plans and realized that day would be nothing short of amazing. We actually had TOO many volunteers, which isn’t really a bad thing.

We set up the stations, gave out the instructions, then it was time to work. Hive Society Bee DJ AudiTory kept the volunteers upbeat with his mixes (a tootsie roll contest popped it all off) and before we could really blink…


607 lunches.

We surpassed any and all expectations and our wonderful volunteers made 607 lunches!!!!!!!

The easy part, the part of the day spent in the air conditioned building was over. Now it was time to hit the streets. The volunteers who committed to the second half of #HashtagLunchBagHOU got together and worked out the logistics of where we would go in the city, then it was time to WORK.

hashtaglunchbag, hashtaglunchbaghouTeam Hive Society picked the Pierce Elevated area. The high bridge that serves as a sort of divider between downtown and Midtown Houston.

We rolled out in a disappointing slab line (Thanks Adrian -_-) and met up at the Hobby Center. We walked the bayou area and didn’t see a single homeless person in sight. After a 20 minute scavenger hunt, we reconvened and decided to split up and move further up Pierce and Gray.

We parked where we thought would be nearby (again, thanks Adrian) and hit the pavement to give out 250+ lunches that our team had.

htlb, hashtaglunchbag, hashtaglunchbaghou, hive society

#HashtaglunchbagHOU Volunteers prepared 607 lunches to help feed Houston’s homeless

Remember I said it was the hottest day of the summer? It really was. The heat index was somewhere around 107 and I was NOT dressed for it. My Hive uniform consisted of a jeans and the black Hive tee. Uncomfortable does not begin to describe it.

 Even when we were walking around downtown in 100+ heat, I couldn’t find it in my soul to complain. When I was having to watch where I stepped, trying to avoid human waste and used needles, I couldn’t find it in my soul to complain. The people we served were so grateful for our small act of kindness. I became overwhelmed with emotions. 

#HashtaglunchbagHou made me see the bigger picture because I immediately became A PART of the bigger picture. What we accomplished that day matters because the 607 men, women and children we served, the 607 people who probably wouldn’t have eaten today, they matter. I want to thank all of you who donated, shared and volunteered with The Hive Society to make today so successful.

My gratification doesn’t come from how many likes I get on Facebook or Instagram. My sense of achievement comes from this feeling I get deep in my heart. This feeling of purpose. This feeling of putting my privileges aside and using the resources I have to serve someone else. That is where my gratification stems from.

I know that’s why I’ve found so much solace in The Hive. Everything we do is intended to have a purpose to serve others.

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Check out the #HashtaglunchbagHou gallery below:

The next #HashtagLunchBagHOU is tentatively scheduled for December 13th.   for all updates.