EscalatorUp is not fooling anyone. Justine is obviously an ode to the Cosby Show.

I don’t know if this makes me an expert on TV sitcom trivia or if this is just another astounding revelation that I’m getting older, but I could not help but recall that Theo Huxtable clip of him getting advice from Dr. Huxtable about how to ask beg for forgiveness from his estranged girlfriend while listening to this EscalatorUp cut about the thirstiness of social media sites.  The talented EscalatorUp hails from Oakland, CA and is part of a Houston, TX collective known as II-XX which features The Hive’s very own DJ Auditory.Opening for acts such as Wale, Damian Marley and the Gym Class Heroes, there is much anticipation for his debut release, #NothingButARapper, which is due out this fall.


Justine is produced by UK producer Kxngs that places EscalatorUp on an alternative beat that sounds like it could’ve been placed easily on one of those Final Fantasy JRPG game soundtracks from the 1990s. It’s a catchy loop that sets the mood as Up rattles off tales about his aforementioned Justine and the desires he has for her. The second verse poignantly points out her propensity of dressing scantily clad and name-checks sites such as Instagram and Vine to exemplify her need for attention and questions whether or not she loves herself. Despite this, his intrigue for wanting her does not waiver and we as the audience are treated to a track that is catchy but also gives us something to think about.

Be sure to check out EscalatorUp at @EscalatorUp and check out what II-XX and the rest of their members are up to here.

Also let’s not forget about Theo’s thoughts (song @ 2:10):