I had the pleasure of visiting Canada this past weekend and I must say,


Well, I’m going to be nice and give you a little breakdown so that you won’t be caught off guard on your visit.

  1. BORDER PATROL SUCKS AND IS EXTREMELY SLOW. I flew to Buffalo and drove across the border. Traffic was thick and once you make it to the booth they ask you a million questions about where and why you are visiting. Same thing going back, and they may even search your car.
  2. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO CURRENCY EXCHANGE. Your American money is just fine. Yes, they will give you Canadian money as change if you pay with American, but that’s ok.
  3. HAVE MONEY! SHIT’S EXPENSIVE! Let me tell you, everything was high! I thought it was because I was staying in a hotel in downtown Toronto but no, it’s just high priced in Canada.
  4. DON’T EXPECT SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! One, you are not in the south, and two it’s way too many cultures in Canada and unfortunately, “Excuse me” is not a common phrase. Smh.
  5. POUTINE AINT FOR EVERYBODY. Unless you like brown gravy, and I’m not talking about the brown gravy in that roast your mama makes, and cheese curds, don’t even try it.
    photo (15)
  6. HOT DOGS BUT NO CHILI CHEESE! Blasphemous I know, but don’t expect no chili cheese dog. Straight ketchup and mustard. Plus there’s a hotdog stand on very block. Hot dogs go hard out here.
  7. IT’S QUITE EASY TO CATCH A CAB. Yes black people, no discrimination!
  8. ROAMING IS REAL! AND WIFI AINT EASY! No GPS, no social networks, no texts, no calls, unless you tryna pay that hefty roaming charge. I relied solely on my GPS that I could update ONLY if I was able to get wifi and a good ole paper MAP.
  9. WEED IS EASY TO GET AND NO HASSLE TO SMOKE. I think that’s pretty self explanatory. They’ve even got lounges where you can smoke your weed.
  10. BIKING AND RECYCLING IS A THING HERE. Bikes are everywhere, subways, buses, cabs. And there are recycle on every corner. Go Green!