West Coast Rapper Dom Kennedy surfaces with visuals for “After School” from his 2013 release Get Home Safely

Just as I was getting ready to count my losses on Dom Kennedy giving us something new before the summer was over, he pops up, calm and collected. I personally feel like summers are for new music from Dom, but to my disappointment, the “Been Thuggin” rapper didn’t show up with a new project. Instead Dom gets all nostalgic with us as he strolls down memory lane and the halls of his old school in the visual release for “After School” from his 2013 sophomore album Get Home Safely

dom kennedy, afterschool

The Brandon Lee Stratton-directed video features Dom taking a casual stroll down memory lane. Fans get to reminisce with the Leimart Park native as he wonders how old friends are doing and where life has brought them. Dressed in his standard LA-native uniform, Dom walks the empty hallways and courtyards in a Supreme shirt, baseball cap, and a pair of Vans.

“After School” was one of my favorites from Get Home Safely. I distinctly recall the crowd going crazy when he performed it at Warehouse Live this past Valentine’s Day, so I’m glad Dom is keeping the track relevant to his movement and the video does not disappoint.


Watch “After School” below and let us know what you think:

If you don’t have Get Home Safely you can get it on iTunes


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