We know how these hip-hop influenced record labels go, right? Like a door knob, everyone gets a turn and as for Drake’s OVO sound imprint, he’s getting his turn to showcase artists such as Majid Jordan.

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Majid Jordan is a performance/production duo made up of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. They are based out of Canada and gained major attention after being featured on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” the biggest hit off of his “Nothing Was the Same” album in 2013. The duo co-produced the record, and it served as a mainstream introduction to their melodic and transcendent musical style. It’s really no surprise that their production fits Drake like a glove. Their airy and trance-like arrangements are right up his alley.

With A Place Like This we’re treated with a 5-track EP to exemplify more of Majid Jordan’s talent and also to see if they can recreate some of that same magic they made with their superior. Majid Jordan is very uniform to making cuts that have a very house music/90s-esque vibe to it. After multiple spins of this 22 minute offering, I found myself feeling like I was floating on a cloud like it was the Flying Nimbus or something. I heard birds chirping while my skin was permeating the sunlight rays. Then, I got snapped back into reality and tried to remember what track I was on.

majid jordan

Photo Source: Artists’ Facebook Fan Page

A Place Like This and Majid Jordan basically remind me of what a Drake record would be like if the latter was a full-fledged R&B singer. Everything from the production and lyric motifs about women and love reinforces that notion. There’s nothing on this EP that is so putrid in mediocrity that would send it to the recycling bin. However, for a full-length LP to be viable the duo needs to ascertain some more eclectic music choices. The hypnotic “Forever” easily stands out as a fascinating tale and serves as the EP’s only upbeat offering. The rest of the tracks feature mid-tempo/minimalistic approaches that are capped off by the title track that finishes the duo’s story about a relationship that is ending.

Majid Jordan does a great job of creating a concept and sticking to it throughout A Place Like This. It never overstays its welcome and will definitely entertain the fans of the titular duo. The EP serves as an appetizer to a hopefully satisfying full-course meal.  Let’s just hope that meal is another pleasant place to be.

RATING: 3.5/5

[Reviewer’s Note: Did I really just discuss how another man made me feel? Oh well, it’s getting printed anyway.]

By: Whitney McGrew