For some reason, I’ve decided today that I wanted to aimlessly venture off into the world to find a way to feed myself. By the powers invested in me and my stomach, I was led to a spot near my home in Memorial City by the name of Hebert’s Specialty Meats (pronounced a-bears).  What caught my attention to this place was the advertised “alligator” alongside the window.  One of my goals while moving around in Houston has been to locate a place that sells alligator meat for me to cook at home, so instantly I was intrigued.  As I walked up to the store and got closer to the advertisement, I saw the options of stuffed rabbit, quail, Cornish hens and more, and memories from my childhood out in East Texas took over my mind.  I knew from then on that I was entering a place that I should take seriously.

hebert's specialty meats, hebert specialty meat


I walked into a carnivore’s heaven as I entered the facility.  There are freezers full of assorted frozen meats all throughout the store.  Stuffed duck. Boudain balls. De-boned chicken stuffed with crawfish (or eggplant/alligator/cornbread dressing/etc). Stuffed pork chops. Also, the holiday favorite TURDUCKEN! You can literally think of whatever it is you would like to think of and I’m sure they have it for sale already.  I was so overwhelmed that I had to start asking questions about what I was experiencing.

I got a chance to chop it up with Chris, the manager of the Memorial location.  From what I’ve discovered, they’ve been in business at the Memorial located since 1999.  They opened their first store in 1997 in the Galleria area.  There is one more Hebert’s Specialty Meats in the Houston area that’s out in the Woodlands, but the original Hebert’s Specialty Meats is located in Maurice, Louisiana.  Every item that they create in Houston is made at the Memorial location and then distributed to the other locations.  Their menu selections have grown over the years due to their ability to create new items in-house and sell them. They truly embody that southern Cajun taste that us Texans can appreciate on a regular basis.  Most restaurants fake the funk when it comes to having a Cajun style of food *coughcoughBB’scafecough*, but there’s definitely a lot of authenticity that you can taste in the first bite when it comes to Hebert’s.

hebert's specialty meats, hebert specialty meat

The Curious George in me lit up when I discovered they had lunch you can order in-store (which is only available at the Dairy Ashford location).

I got the stuffed chicken with shrimp plate and BOY! This was the best decision I made in 2014, so far.  The chicken is so moist and tender that your fork digs into it with so much finesse. It also comes with green beans that are cooked with bacon (which is something a fat ass like me can appreciate).
Disclaimer: You will get diagnosed with the “itis” as soon as you finish your meal.  I’m actually struggling with it as I put together this post.


All in all, I was pleased with my discovery and you should discover them, too.  Check out their website here. You can even order online and pick-up your food if you would like. I definitely found a new home at Hebert’s.