Ending Hunger with Social Media: the campaign that swept social networks is coming to Houston. #HashtagLunchbag Houston will be held on August 9th at Prospect Park.

#HashtagLunchbag is a humanity service movement dedicated to creating fun environments by bringing together diverse groups of compassionate people to give back and feed the local homeless communities. The social media campaign that has swept across the country has finally made it to Houston. #HashtagLunchbag Houston will be held on Saturday, August 9th at Prospect Park Sports Bar & Kitchen, 3100 Fountainview Drive. [Get Map]

To register to volunteer at the Houston event or to donate, visit the #HashtagLunchbag Houston Eventbrite page HERE

As I’ve mentioned before food insecurity is a very serious issue in Houston. 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 household in the Greater Area of Houston are considered food insecure.

food in·se·cu·ri·ty (noun)
1. the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Texas has either the second or third highest rate of food insecurity in the country at 18.5%. Arkansas and Mississippi are tied for first place with 19.2%. That’s the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture {Source: Houston Food Bank}. These jarring realities make events like #HashtagLunchbag Houston very important. The premise of the event is quite simple: gather a group of people, make lunches, pack them and pass them out to those living on the street in your community. In addition, the key to its success has been the documentation of the efforts on social media.

Where #HashtagLunchbag Began

Launched in 2012 by Los Angeles based non-profit, The Living Through Giving Foundation, #HashtagLunchbag has exploded into more than 60 cities, using more than 1,000 volunteers to distribute more than 22,000 lunches to those in need. In a very short period of time it is on its way to ending world hunger, one lunch bag at a time. The all-female trio behind the #HashtagLunchbag Houston event on August 9th hopes to make the event a reoccurring initiative and join other big cities such as New York, Chicago and Atlanta, who just celebrated a year of participating in the #HashtagLunchbag campaign. #hashtaglunchbag houston To see photos from other cities search #HashtagLunchbag on Instagram.

To register to volunteer at the Houston event or to donate, visit the #HashtagLunchbag Houston Eventbrite page HERE

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