This past Sunday, July 20, Tim Woods in collaboration with Skinny Guy Clothing and The Phirm along with Rosewood Thievz, put on another live* hip hop underground party/show.  They are quietly rioting in the Houston scene bringing back that old school house party vibe capturing the hip hop culture that is universal to the city of Houston and the surrounding cities and neighborhoods.  Growing up in Mo City (Missouri City, Texas) these type of parties and events were beyond common while leaving adolescence behind.  After we grew out of the garages with boom box stereos and kool-aid in red/blue cups, we started making use of whatever spaces we could. Occupying anything that could accommodate the turntables, speakers and a dance floor.  That’s when vacation homes*, backyards and empty warehouses became the go to spots for the underground hip hop party.  Between the girls, the boozes and music what more could you ask for?

This go around, a warehouse space, 2201 Preston, served as ground zero for this exceptional night of hip hop.  R!CO  worked the tables into submission while the Thievz, Freddy and Tim handled the mic. The crowd was sprinkled with a mixture of flavors but we were all 1 gathered together to share this experience of  the hip hop culture influenced by Houston, created from Houston!

Every1 there was electrified and live* late, well into the night going past the events expected end time.  Fueled by the drinks and energy, in spite of the heat, the crowd still didn’t skip a beat to join in the music performances.  The artist, were surrounded by the crowds of fans and family (his mother and aunt were in the building but was unable to track them down for the photo), while performing in the middle, were literally, the center of attention.  The intimacy between the performers and the on-lookers is what created this charged aura that is the essence of the hip hop culture.  The melting together of different peoples, sounds and creative elements results in the masterpiece that is cultural fusion which is a by-product of the Houston hip hop culture.

Special thanks to Skinny Guy Clothing, The Phirm, 2201 Preston, all the performers, Freddy Inglewood, R!CO, the Thievz and Tim.  Also to all the supporters and fans who came out, events like these survive and thrive because of you. Thank you for sharing this experience with moi and look forward to the next 1.

Keep doing it…and keep reppin…peace!!!


* vacation homes: noun/ref. youth; someone’s house who’s parents are away on vacation.

* live: adjective/adverb/ref. urban youth; describing of the intensity, level at which activity is happening. (ex. Yo, that party was live!)