The Hive Society is growing and we need more Bees to help us reach our full potential. Do you have what it takes to Be All That You Can Bee and earn the official Member’s Logo?


BEE FACT: Shirts with our Official Logo can not be sold/purchased. They have to be earned through membership.


Hey guys, it’s me the Keeper of the Bees and I had to get that PSA out of the way… We have been operating for a mere 3 months since our return from disappearing in 2012, back when we were “just a blog” (which is why most of you still think we’re just bloggers).

We have gotten a lot done in this short time frame, including hosting a major Community Service event for Drake & OVO’s Houston Appreciation Weekend. With that accomplishment, comes a lot of people wanting to work with us and a lot of things on our plate at the moment. Our current group of Bees are doing all that we can to keep up, but it will be a lot easier if we added the RIGHT people to our ranks.

With that being said, it’s time for us to finally open up our doors to those who wish to become members, and live the #HiveLife. A lot of people have casually inquired about being a part of The Hive, but we bees have learned from the past that we cannot just let anyone buzz on in. We need motivated and dedicated individuals who believe in our mission & vision, and would be able to make an impact.

This isn’t a “social club” where you can just be friends of bees and wear our logo… nah, B. My vision of what The Hive Society will become requires more than just cool people lounging around and occasionally contributing to the culture when they feel like it.

The Hive needs worker bees, and only those who EARN that Logo, will wear our Logo.


After Our HAW Community Service Where we gave away about 80 Drake Concert Tickets! Only members wear the Official Logo


Why Join The Hive Society?

A lot of people go to work, go home, pay bills, sleep, eat, and joke around with friends, and that’s it… but ARE YOU A PART OF SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOURSELF? If you find yourself wanting to belong to something, or be involved in something positive that uplifts the Music & Arts culture… not as an organization  trying to gain money & fame or take from the culture, but to GIVE BACK to the culture, then you may want to consider joining us.

The Hive Society, Inc. is a newly formed Domestic NON-PROFIT Corporation, officially certified by Texas Secretary of State, effective 04/09/2014. The Hive Society Organization’s Mission is to practice and encourage Philanthropy through Music, Culture, and the Creative Arts. Our website serves as the digital platform for the innovative, creative and artistic individuals abroad promoting this mission and leading others to do the same. Which is why we just don’t post ANYBODY or ANYTHING on our site just to stay relevant. We choose to stay relevant by our actions.

What kind of bees are we looking for? Well i’m glad you asked…

Needs of the HIVE

  • – Treasurer/Financial Officer (Exec Position/Preferably with experience working in a non-profit)
  • – Website Article Editors (Exec Positions)
  • – Media Editors
  • – Photographers
  • – Videographers
  • – Music Reviewer/Music News Writers
  • – Music Submission Reviewers (All Genres of Music Welcome)
  • – Arts Reviewers (All Forms of The Arts Welcome)
  • – Movie/Cinema Reviewers
  • – Web Designer (Exec Position/Please have Portfolio)
  • – Graphic Designer (Exec Position/Please have Portfolio)
  • – Street Team/Brand Ambassadors (Basically people who are comfortable checking out a lot of different events)
  • – Culture/Lifestyle Writers
  • – Travel Writers
  • – Fashion Writers
  • – Public Relations Director (Exec Position)
  • – Cultural Events Coordinator (Exec Position)
  • – Assitant Community Service Event Coordinator
  • – Assistant Social Media Coordinator

It may look like a lot, but individuals can fulfill multiple roles. Nonetheless, we need people who will be able to focus on the identified roles above. If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization, please Email with the subject line “Hive Society Interest” as well as the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Number & Preferred Email
  3. Desired Role(s) you think you can fulfill (As listed above)
  4. Why you want to join the Hive Society (Bee Honest)
  5. A Resume/Portfolio

Hope to hear from some future Bees!

Keeper of the Bees