Ever wonder what the cartoon theme songs of our childhood would sound like as ’90s R&B? Yes, I’ve wondered that, too– and that’s why I’ve launched a video series to explore this idea. Tune in every Saturday morning and get nostalgic with Saturday Morning Slow Jams: cartoon themes with a gangsta lean. — Scott Bradlee


Let’s face it: we all miss those classic childhood cartoons– the PowerPuff Girls, Animaniacs, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, just to name a few. Between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network & Disney channels, there was no shortage of entertainment for us as young people.

So it’s no secret how much most of us dislike and almost detest the majority of children’s television programs out right now across the board. We need some time every now and then to relive our childhood days and summon up those catchy theme song lyrics that never really left us. Enter Saturday Morning Slow Jams, a gift from YouTube user ScottBradleeLovesYa’s collective of singers and musicians. Participation varies both vocally and instrumentally with several different musicians covering bass, sax, drums, etc. If you open the about section under the video, you can find social media account information for Scott Bradlee & each artist featured so that you can further creep on their careers. They’ve also put together an album of their remixes for sale on iTunes– more access to great music you never knew you needed!



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