What is Create + Explore?

It’s really quite simple: Ta-ku (Australian beatmaker/producer) describes Create + Explore as  “A conversation between mediums. From visual to auditory.” Each installment of this project starts with a beat maker, who makes an original track. When completed, it is sent to the photographer as inspiration to create a visual counterpart. With this process, we explore the power of artistic collaboration and “links two of our most indelible sensory experiences through a photographic interpretation of original music.”

If any of you follow Ta-ku on his Instagram, you’ll why this project just makes so much sense coming from him. His affinity for both auditory and visual creativity makes him a ideal curator for this project and I look forward to seeing what artists he’ll be pairing up for future installments. For the first collaboration of Create + Explore, aptly called “001,” we have San Diego producer Esta and Chicago photographer Michael Salisbury.

Esta, of the illustrious Los Angeles based record label/radio show/artist collective Soulection, has cemented himself as one of my favorite members of the crew because 1) his amazing Boiler Room London DJ set that I’ve been jammin’ for the past week and 2) because he actually replied to me when I inquired about his part in the Create + Explore project and whether he knew beforehand who he was creating the track for:


Once you browse Michael Salisbury’s Instagram or Flickr, you’ll definitely see how Esta was inspired by Salisbury’s stunning snapshots of Chicago. From the skyline, the streets, the subway tunnels and even up in the clouds, Salisbury captures the calm beauty of the city which pairs superbly with the dreamy track by Esta. At the 1:40 mark in the video, I was transported back to my childhood in New York when I would turn towards the window and watch the subway signs blur as the train gained momentum. Chills…The video definitely made me move Chicago up on my travel bucket list.

create + explore

Producers, beat makers and photographers: If you are interested in participating, email wecreateandexplore@gmail.com with the best example of your work. Follow Create + Explore on Soundcloud and Instagram to stay up to date with the creative project.

What did you think of Create + Explore’s first collaboration? What producer and photographer collaboration would you like to see next? Let the Bees know!