Local Artist Onehunnidt was recently Interviewed by 97.9 the Box! Check it out!


Onehunnidt being interviewed by 97.9 the Box.

Houston based rapper / painter Onehunnidt has made some noise on the local scene as of late. From winning Houston Press Awards, performing at various shows and festivals, and also coordinating his own events, Local radio has taken notice.  Check out this video of Onehunnidt’s interview with Amir Diamond of Houston’s 97.9 The Box Radio Station in which the two discuss his quest for success, his upcoming project with DJ Hella Yella “Field Sobriety” and his family’s relationship with hip hop superstar Drake.


Staying true to artistry, both his traditional art as a painte and his modern art as a hip hop musician and poet, Onehunnidt is planning to continue moving forward in the culture. Y’all stay on the look out for this young man’s next move!

Keeper of the Bees