It’s safe to say that some of you reading this haven’t lived on this Earth for more than 22 years, and yet, that is how long it has been since the living legend (whom pioneered the synthesizer and created the sound of the 70’s, 80’s, and EDM) has released a SOLO record. Proving that being a pioneer of in an art-form as dynamic as music will immortalize you, at the age of 74, Giorgio Moroder is reminding the kids that are flourishing in the (what some uneducated people believe to be NEW) EDM genre, that he not only has he “been there; done that” but he STARTED THIS SH*T!!!!

Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer

A young Giorgio Moroder (R) and Donna Summer (L) #Legends

Giovanni Giorgio Moroder, born Hansjörg Moroder, is one of the most influential Italian music producers, songwriters, performers and DJ’s. I could continue writing about his Life and how he became famous, but you can hear all about that as he chronicles the beginning of his career on one of Daft Punk’s most popular songs from their 2013 Grammy award-winning Platinum album ‘Random Access Memories.

After recently announcing the lineup for the 2014 installment of their acclaimed Singles Program, everyone’s favorite network TV program Adult Swim is share’s the series’ first installment from the Man himself! After 22 years the electronic music pioneer releases “Giorgio’s Theme” and it is an expansive, 8-minute instrumental track kindred to Moroder’s classic analog recordings, hence the song’s title. You HAVE to grab the track (free download, or to just listen) at and you can also watch Giorgio speak about “Giorgio’s Theme,” EDM, and his career to date below.

Long Live the Legends!!! Check out the Music and tell us what you think!!!

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