Drake & OVO Presents: Houston Appreciation Weekend – Pop Up Shops, Parties, Concerts, a DOPE Mixtape and Community Service…

I’m going to keep this short, because let’s be honest, y’all ain’t here for the theatrics right now. Y’all want the info. Quick. Fast and in a Hurry…

Houston Appreciation Weekend

Houston Appreciation Weekend – Schedule of Events

SO… here it is. Houston Appreciation Weekend is next weekend June 12th-15th and it will feature a lot of fun events if they fit your tastes, and a bit of Community Service sprinkled in there (which is what we’re writing this post for, because at the end of the day, that’s what our organization is here for) so you should definitely enjoy that. Oh yeah: IT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET INTO DRAKE’S CONCERT AT WAREHOUSE LIVE CONCERT ON FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! (eerie!) Read the PSA Below.

Houston Appreciation Weekend

Houston Appreciation Weekend – Community Service PSA

As you read above, tickets aren’t available for purchase, so if you want to see Drake in Concert at Warehouse Live like it’s 2009 again, you gotta put a lil elbow grease into it. I feel sorry for you if you were victim to those internet “Houston Appreciation Weekend Tickets” Scams that were going around. They were quite comical, but shout out to L.A. over at Warehouse Live for continuously dispelling those rumors and commenting on Instagrams telling people that it was a scam. In order to get into this concert you’re going to have to show Houston that you appreciate the city by serving the community! You have to Visit RockCorps Facebook Page for more details. Must be 16+ and have a Valid ID. So, “May the odds be ever in your favor…”

While you prepare for what’s shaping up to be a miniature repeat of All-Star Weekend, you should listen to this supremely dope Houston Appreciation Weekend Chopped & Screwed Mix by DJ Candlestick Hosted by The OG Ron C. Word to the Chopstars! The Bees will most likely bee buzzing around different events during the weekend. Wave and say hi if you see us!


P.S. No Matter what happens… we will always stay true to the people… the community and the culture is more important than everything else… Money, Fame, whatever, let the birds have it… So, sorry if we focused on the Community service… you look at the pictures and search twitter for info on the rest of the events and all that…  – Keeper of the Bees