If you’ve been paying attention to the local music scene in Houston, your knowledge about Doughbeezy should be inevitable.  The South East Beast hasn’t slowed down his efforts and is on his way to dropping some enjoyable and highly-anticipated music videos this summer. After releasing his most recent project, Footprints on the Moon, the Headwreckas’ frontman has been in hot pursuit of gaining his respect regionally with his expansion outside of the city of Houston into numerous cities around the country’s 2nd largest state.

I recently attended his video shoot for the state-wide anthem, “Fuck You I’m From Texas” which included homegrown fan support by the masses and some intense pyro effects that burned as hot as Texas would any day of the summer.  There seems to be more of a cinematic approach that he’s trying to achieve with his single, “Bumpin” (produced by the homie June James out of LAD).  It appears that there’s a “On The Run”-styled story line that will be embedded into the production. From what’s available from the trailer, it’s one that reminds me of scenes from popular black movies such as Dead Presidents, Playa’s Club and/or Set It Off (all of which encompassed epic shooting scenes).

You can always expect a watch-worthy video when you have the directors of Evesborough Films involved.  They’ve brought a unique culture of music videos to the likes of local artists such as LeeLonn, the Nice Guys, Killa Kyleon, Maxo Kream, and plenty more that probably wouldn’t exist if the two directors (Greg Noire and Danny Ocean) weren’t Houston natives.  Adding Doughbeezy to their resume should prove to be a spectacular reality once the video is released in its entirety on June 2nd.

Check out the trailer below so you won’t feel the need to quit bumpin’ about what’s to come.