Houston gamers rejoice, there’s a Kickstarter project going to fund Press Start Bar, a bar with special consideration for fans of console gaming.

We covered this story over on The Game Fanatics, three adventurous gamers: Ryan Thauburn, Cynthia Thauburn, and Hannah Weir, are determined to open a bar in our expansive city catered towards console gaming.

A Houston video game bar will certainly be a welcome addition to a city with a relatively new Comic Con, and a rather fragmented gaming scene…which is due in part to the fact that the city is so large.

If the idea of a video game bar in Houston hits home to you, then you should head over to the Press Start Bar Kickstarter page, give it a once over (there’s even a pretty detailed business plan), and support as you feel led to.

The bar space is definitely one that’s a challenge to enter, and one with such a targeted niche as video games, some may say it’s doomed from the start. What do you think about Houston getting a video game bar?