This Thursday the Hive has a treat for you with some classic footage of one of the greatest musical artist of all time, Al Green.  This comes from the classic “Soul School Television archives” which were shot in 1972.  None of us Hive members weren’t even close to being born to be able to witness the soul era as it was taking place, but as with any time period luckily we can always look back on our history.  In this video the soulful Al Green sings one of his most popular songs, “Tired of Being Alone,” and displays the charisma and style that he is still known for today.  At the young age of 26 Al Green possessed one of the most powerful voices in music and was able to showcase some extraordinary vocal range.  Put that together with that hair and the gold chain and Al is a cool cat.  Go ahead and check out one of the legends in his element as he gives us a lesson in what soul really is all about.

Brandon Allen Batiste