Amar Stewart has been getting a lot of well deserved attention recently in “The States.”  The popular art boutique, Cotton Candy Machine, held its first ever artist in residence series back in March where Amar Stewart unveiled his new collection created right in the shop.

amar stewart, action bronson, cotton candy machine



The “Portraits of Hip Hop Royalty” series takes inspiration from the Dutch master Frans Hals the Elder and the era of 1582 – 1666 art.  Amar displays the skill to pull direct influence from art history and make the images his own.  This series honors some of the greatest fallen hip hop icons as well as some of the greats of today.  From Tupac and Biggie to Eminem and Action Bronson a plethora of hip hop greats are represented in Amar Stewart’s artwork.


jay dee, j dilla, donuts, amar stewart

RIP J. Dilla


Amar Stewart is originally from New York City.  In his 20’s he decided to move to London and began a long learning process by experimenting with various styles and gaining valuable experience.  He is most comfortable with the aerosol but is equally talented with the oil.  The diversity makes for a very balanced style which contributes to his varied portfolio thus far.  Most of his pieces are handmade but Amar has recently got into digital art which has enabled him to expand his craft as well as get an instant feel for how an idea might work on the canvas.  He uses deep bright colors as well as softer hues to boldly display the passion and serenity in his paintings.

biggie, ready to die, amar stewart

Ready to Die


Amar Stewart is a self taught artist who has enjoyed international success.  His work has been seen in various art exhibits from London to Australia.  His talent has been used by several major brands including Nike, Sansung, Puma, Adidas and Red Bull.  Amar Stewart is definitely a talented individual who will enjoy great success for years to come and give great pleasure to admirers around the world.

lauryn hill, amar stewart, oil painting

The great Lauryn Hill


Make sure to check out more of Amar Stewart’s artwork on his site as well as his Twitter and Instagram: Amar Stewart and pick up a few items while you’re at it.