IAMNOBODI – Travel Log Volume 1

Hey guys! I was on my lunch break skimming through our Soundcloud timeline and I stumbled across this Travel Log #1 mix by Soulection member IAMNOBODI. Travel Log Volume 1 opens up with soothing sounds, helping you ease into the mix; It sonically inspires the listener to search Groupon for travel deals solely to fit the occasion. The entire mix seems built to make the sometimes hectic process of jet-setting feel a bit easier. Now all I need to do is get my passport and find some affordable round trip tickets to Monaco, and this would be perfect!


Shigeto – What U Really Needed (Feat. Brandon Mitchell & Carlos Garcia)
Alfa & Emmavie – Sing To The Moon (Laura Mvula Rework)
Swiff D – The Power Team
Andrew Ashong – Special
Tom Misch – The Journey
Oscar Key Sung – Holograms
Yaw – Where Would You Be
Myron – Heaven / Park (Interlude)
Choklate – Luv It
Gallant – Jupiter Grayscale
Anthony Hamilton – I Know What Love’s About

IAMNOBODI Photo cred: Soulection

IAMNOBODI Photo cred: Soulection


Hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, IAMNOBODI has been on the rise as an Urban Soul & Bass Producer. He JUST released an EP, and I’m going to tell you a lot more about this amazing sound-bender when I review it later this week or early next week. For now, just kick back and enjoy the grooves of this mix, Travel Log Volume 1, that he has blessed us with. Peace.

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