Drake, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Fabolous, Tyler the Creator…

If they each dropped an album, right now… and you could only get one, whose album would you pick?

This is quite the quandary.

Are you really asking me that, or are you just challenging me as a man, who listens to music?

Can’t shoot from the hip and go with your first mind that focuses on an appealing artist that’s on the list or wait, think about it…

Now that’s when the problem begins…

There is way too much involved to take this decision lightly or carelessly.

Personally, there are questions that form and need to be addressed before the exchange of money and time for the adventure can begin.

If there is only one album that I can get, listen to and have for my personal collection, then it has to be THE ALBUM!

“Will I be able buy another album tomorrow?”

“Will these be solo (no guest appearance) projects?”

“Can I replace or add other artists to the list?”

Now there are too many variables to make any kind of easy choice.

Why limit our choices to these particular artists?

Not to down play anyone of the artist in the list, but ODDISEE or Curren$y would be interesting choices, even a Jay Electronica album is desired.

For the sake of answering this question and not causing any more conflict than the question already does, my response would have to be…

Kendrick Lamar

Photo Credit: Bjarne Jonasson

Photo Credit: Bjarne Jonasson

No, wait…

J. Cole

Photo Credit: AnchorShopPresents.com


Maybe Kanye…

Photo Credit: Rolling Out



Let me know whose album YOU would pick in the comments below.

See you @ the register!!!

Jeremiah W.