Spring break is just around the corner and every festivals enthusiast , party animal, industry insider and plain hypebeast knows that means SxSW Music weekend is just days away. Yes, even though you have a place to stay and wrist bands ready you’re still unprepared. It’s ok the Bees here to help you out.

First of all, if at this point you’re not ready for SxSW just wait for next year. Now you may think I’m being hyperbolic but at this point most rooms are booked and RSVP’s are closed. You’re better off just starting now for next year. However, for those you have to go or have planned the trip to Austin already let’s get to these essentials.


Come comfortable. I would recommend tennis shoes or boots because you will be on your feet most of the days. This is Texas weather, it is highly unstable so check weather reports daily and dress accordingly.  It’s also highly recommended to get a locker at the convention hall or leave extra clothes in your car. Depending on where you stay you may not be back home until nightfall or more than likely the next day.

  • A backpack with water, a jacket, charger, and rechargeable battery will be irreplaceable on this journey. The warm Austin weather tends to get cool at night and charging stations will be usually be full with other people like you trying to check their tweets  or post pictures to Instagram.

Extras (if you’re fancy)

If possible, I recommend picking up a badge. If you can’t get a badge get a wristband. A wristband will be more than enough for most (I usually have neither and have fared pretty well in the past) but they definitely make things easier. You can skip certain lines when it comes to official shows but wristbands don’t guarantee entrance into a secret show. If you’re cheap, like me, you can do without them but this leads to my next point.


There are so many shows this week and you won’t be able to catch them all. However, most acts preform more than once so plan early to check on conflicts of interest. Make sure during the weekend when the big shows begin that you’re available for the events that you want see most. With this is one rule to always keep in mind early attendance. There are thousands of other people in this city trying to do exactly want you want to do. To insure your spot at the show be there early, matter of fact, if you’re not performing try to be up and out before 1 pm seriously! If things don’t turn out remember it’s Austin, and there will be a million events. Keep your ears and mind open to new things. Don’t let the one show you missed kill your vibe they will be great music and parties everywhere.


Free food! Free food! Free food! Many events throughout the early hours of the week present parties and showcases that offer the most valuable natural resource in Austin— free food. Planned right you may actually get out the week without spending any money on food. You may want to dapple in food trucks, stands and many of the great restaurants Austin has to provide. But again free food.


As with any music festival there will be a lot going on, tons of people, crazy parties and plenty of networking going on, so it’s easy to get lost. Don’t let this get to you. Remain focused and do your best to accomplish your mission, whatever it is. Make sure to talk to people, make new friends, create memories and don’t forget to actually enjoy the trip.


Nic High