What Happened, Miss Simone? A Docu Review

“She was not at odds with the times, the times were at odds with her.” -Ambassador Shabazz Here’s a documentary that answers all the taboo things discussed around artists. In this Netflix original directed by Liz Garbus, the film exposes Nina Simone’s truths. Opening with her performance at the Montreux Festival in 1976, following her perception on freedom.  “What’s…


Milky Wayv Presents: The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard [ARTIST BUZZ]

There is, in fact, intelligent life on other planets. I know this because Milky Wayv’s The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard is entirely too otherworldly to have been made here, on this third rock from the sun. This tape gives me Soulquarian ideology, St. Heron conceptualization and Surf instrumentation– eclectic vocals, electric sound, irregular beats and rhythms, and cross-genre appeal….


TRIFECTA Show @ East End Studio Gallery [EVENT]

Art, Music and Food collide this Saturday for TRIFECTA, a showcase Hosted by HCWE, TGP, and HTXGroundControl This Saturday, Aug 1st there is a 3-way showing for all local artist, musicians, anything remotely resembling life imitated through art, and art intertwined with life. The #HCWE GeneratorsPlayground and#htxgroundcontrol organizations have teamed up to create an evening to remember! The…

Black Heritage Music and Arts Festival

First Annual Black Heritage Music and Arts Festival [EVENTS]

  For the first time ever, The Black Heritage Music and Arts Festival will be held on August 1st at Discovery Green. This will be the first, and hopefully not the last, heritage and music festival that will highlight African-American culture. The non-profit The Foundation For Black Heritage and Culture is responsible for orchestrating this fun-filled…

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