Dirty Dike

Dirty Dike & Ocean Wisdom [ARTIST BUZZ]

Dirty Dike & Ocean Wisdom are making high noise through the European music market! UK hip-hop independent label High Focus records, has released Dirty Dike’s forthcoming album Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight, in recent days. Dirty Dike introduces the listener to his strange and eerie journey through the dopiest of beats. His sound is nonchalant as…


Iconic Moments of Great American and European Movies Re-Created [PHOTOGRAPHY]

  Two photographers go against the problem of diversity in Hollywood by re-imaging classic moments from American and European films. For the love of creating what is missing in our world, Senegalese Omar Victor Diop and French-American Antoine Tempé came together in a 2013 project called [re-]Mixing Hollywood. This project features a series of  images that use African people…

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